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Mission Villanueva
100 Savage Ave.
Lamar, CO
Phone: 719-336-6888
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La Mission Villanueva has more than forty years of Mexican food tradition.

My mother, Mary Madrid, and my grandfather started the “Sunshine Café” in Rocky Ford in the late 50’s. Later my father, Joe Masias Sr., founded the “Mission Bell Inn Restaurants” in Colorado Springs.

We are a Family Franchise, individually owned and operated. We are built on a “Tamale Foundation, one Tamale at a Time” just like my mother taught us many years ago. Our family recipes are packaged for consistency in cooking and serving and everything is made from scratch without any preservatives...just like we cook at home.

We are a family of eleven and there are approximately fifteen Masias Family Restaurants, including nieces and nephews, continuing in the Mexican Food Business. We are scattered throughout Colorado and stretch as far as Texas.


Our SPECIALTY IS GREEN CHILE. We cook and serve Green Chile Mild, Medium or Hot, using fire roasted chile that is grown in the Arkansas Valley.

Our Mission is to serve delicious Mexican/American Food in a clean, friendly, pleasant and SERVICE DRIVEN dining experience. We can also assist you on those special occasions with your catering needs.

Those customers who are in a hurry, can speed along their orders with our “drive-thru, take-out” window. Use the turn-around portion of our parking lot that circles the restaurant, and pick up your order from the convenient window.

We pride ourselves on having one of the cleanest kitchens in the area and staff takes the time to conduct two clean-ups a day. We also purchase as much of our food locally, as possible.