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Rock Ridge Ranch All Natural Home Grown Beef
8851 West US Hwy 34
Loveland, CO
Phone: (970) 663-6624
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Hello from the Rock Ridge Ranch west of Loveland, Colorado! We raise naturally lean Salers cattle on pastures just west of town and on the Buckhorn Creek above Masonville. Additionally, we feature cows from the Wyoming Salers Ranch, a large family ranch near Hawk Springs, Wyoming. This particular ranch has been in the same family since the 1800’s. We believe that the Salers breed of cattle produce a truly superior product.

We know you care about what you eat and what you feed your family, so our cattle are guaranteed:

  • FREE from growth hormones
  • FREE from steroids
  • FREE from implants
  • FREE from antibiotics
  • FREE from any drugs
  • FREE from Animal By-Products. Vegetarian Fed
  • FREE from Preservatives
  • Source Verified. Traceable from Ranch to Processor

    Our cows range on pastures free from pesticides, insecticides, and chemicals. We feed the cattle out slow and naturally. The meat is dry aged for 14-21 days, which enhances flavor and tenderness.

    Our lean and all-natural beef is available throughout the year. You may specify how you would like your beef cut and wrapped - from simple ground beef to lean and flavorful 1 ½ inch thick steaks!

    You may choose to order a quarter, half, or whole Beef. Special cuts may be available upon request. We usually have quantities of ground beef available, but you will need to give us advance notice. Click here to see what to expect from your order.

    Our beef is minimally processed in a small, USDA-inspected and approved plant in Pierce, Colorado. This assures reputable sanitary and wholesome conditions for the cattle and meat.

    Not only is our Natural Beef guaranteed for quality and flavor - it’s also surprisingly affordable! It is $3.15 per pound of carcass weight. That price includes all standard processing charges! Click here for specific pricing information.

    Thank you for your interest in our beef program. If you have any questions or would like to place an order, please call Pat Block at (970) 663-6624. You can also send an eMail

    Our price is based on the hanging hot carcass weight. This type of purchase is the best, economically. The price of $3.15 per pound includes all processing charges. Our average carcass is approximately 800-850 pounds whole, 400-425 pounds for half, and 200-212 pounds for a quarter. Whole, half, and quarter carcass sales of meat are sold by hanging carcass weight before processing. Actual yield will be less. For example, a quarter carcass weight may be 200 pounds. After cutting and packaging, the quarter could weigh 140 pounds due to loss of bone, fat, trim, and evaporation.

    An example order for a quarter beef: 200 pounds X $3.15 per pound = $630.00 which is the total amount you pay that includes all processing charges.

    Prices are subject to change without notice. Quanities may be limited and individual listed items are not always available requiring substitutions of equal value.

    You may order ground beef only at $3.99 per pound!

    Typical yield from a half beef...

    This is what you can expect from a half beef. (For a quarter beef cut the amount in half, for a whole beef double the yield shown.)

    Steak (standard thickness 3/4")

  • T-Bone. Approximately 14 steaks per half beef. Allow 1 per adult
  • Rib. Approximately 14 steaks per half beef. Allow 1 per adult.
  • Sirloin (Top Butt). Sirloin tapers from a large to a small cut. The large portion would serve two, the small portion would serve 1. Approximately 8 per half beef.
  • Round. Round steak can be packaged as a full or half round.
  • Top Round. The more tender portion of the round. Can be tenderized*
  • Bottom Round. Less tender portion. It can be made into plain steaks, tenderized* or ground for hamburger. (*When tenderizing the round steak, the cut is run through a mechanical tenderizer,scoring both sides of the steak. No chemicals are used in this process.)
  • Chuck.Very flavorful, but a tougher cut for steaks. Makes an excellent roast. Approximately 18 steaks per half beef if roasts are not made. Allow 1 steak per adult.
  • Flank. A fibrous cut which can be tenderized. One Flank per half beef.

    Roast (Standard size 3 #'s)

  • Prime Rib. If a roast is requested, it will eliminate a portion of the rib steaks.
  • Sirloin Tip. Portion at the more tender end of the bottom round. Approximately 1-2 roasts per half beef.
  • Heel of Round (Pikes Peak). Roasts from the hind quarter. One roast per half beef.
  • Chuck. Roasts from the fronnt quarter. Approximately 6-8 roasts per half beef.
  • Arm (Round Bone Roast). Front quarter roast. Approximately 3-4 roasts per half beef.
  • Rump. Hind quarter roast. Approximately 1-2 roasts per half beef.
  • Brisket. Used for corned beef roast, stew, or ground for hamburger. One roast per half beef. Stew Meat...Lean cubes of meat in approximately one pound packages. Approximately 6 packages per half beef.

    Short Ribs...Ribs used for barbequing or boiling. Approximatelu 3-4 one and a half pound packages per half beef.

    Soup Bones...Meaty portions of the shank bone. Approximately 3-4 one and a half pound packages per half beef.

    Ground Beef Average...90%+ lean. Packaged 1, 1-1/2, or 2# packages. Approximately 65-70 pounds per half beef.

    Note: If splitting a half beef, both cutting instructions must be identical for equal portions of meat.