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528 South College Avenue
Fort Collins, CO
Phone: 970-484-7123
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Tracy Cornutt, Executive Director

Anna Dickerson, Program Director

Heather Fitch, Case Manager

Amy Nolan, Activities Coordinator/Case Manager

Stacee Thomas, Office Manager


The Larimer County District Attorney and concerned citzens established Partners in 1978

Partners is a non-profit mentoring organization which matches adult volunteers with youth who need positive direction and extra support in their lives. We call these matches Partnerships. Partnerships spend a minimum of three hours per week together for one year. Partners also holds monthly group activities such as ski trips, ball games, rafting, hiking and special holiday events. These activities are not mandatory but they give Partnerships the opportunity to meet each other, and to have lots of fun in a group setting. Once the year has ended the Partnerships have the option of ending but most of our Parnerships go way beyond their one year anniversary because they are having so much fun with each other! Partners is a wonderful program and we are always looking for adult volunteers. To take the first step to becoming a positive role model to a youth you can call any of the three Partners offices in your area: Loveland (970) 613-2187, Fort Collins (970) 484-7123, or Estes Park (970) 577-9348. Some of the volunteer opportunities available: Activity Volunteers-People we can call to help with group activities and events Special Event Volunteers-Volunteer at one or more of our many fund raising activities, such as SuperStars and Fort Collins Club Triathlon Other Volunteers-Please call if you would like to share a talent, hobby, or interest with Partners